Spank Spike 800 Vibrocore Bicycle Handlebar,Spank Spike 800 Vibrocore Bicycle Handlebar,Spank,800 Vibrocore Bicycle Handlebar Spank Spike,: Spank Spike 800 Vibrocore Bicycle Handlebar.Vibrocore Bicycle Handlebar Spank Spike 800.

Spank Spike 800 Vibrocore Bicycle Handlebar

Spank Spike 800 Vibrocore Bicycle Handlebar

: Spank Spike 800 Vibrocore Bicycle Handlebar. GREAT DESIGN - DH Race tuned award-winning alloy handlebar design, developed with World Cup professionals, with increased strength and stiffness compared to conventional alloy bars 。 VIBROCORE TECHNOLOGY – The handlebar is filled with a high-density, biodegradable foam core that absorbs shock and increases stiffness enough to allow use of super-thin tube walls 。 DUAL XGT - Dual Extreme Gradual Taper technology is a proprietary tube drawing process; it tapers bars from the thickest area at the bar clamping zone, through the bend zones, to the thinnest areas at the control zones and back to thicker barend zones 。 CNC BENDING - Spank uses automated 3D CNC bending machines, which offer better symmetry and consistency and limit material structural damage; it eliminates heavy grinding processes, making bars lighter, stronger, and safer 。 FEATURES - Shot-peening and anodizing enhances fatigue life even further; adjustable to 740mm; MGR Super 6 Alloy; 4 deg. up x 8 deg. back; shotpeen anodized finish, decal logos 。 SPANK SPIKE 800 VIBROCORE BICYCLE HANDLEBAR - World Cup Winning bar! Commecal/Vallnord riders Amaury Pierron and Thibault Daprela blazed an unprecedented year of wins to capture the Senior and Junior elite titles! Along with Myriam Nicole winning it all last year makes the most winning bar over the last 2 seasons! The 6th Generation in the evolution of SPANK Industries' race proven SPIKE handlebar, the handlebar delivers World Cup tuned geometries, an increased length of 800mm, and 's proprietary impulse and fatigue damping technology. Vibrocore bars are injected with a closed cell, low density core, which reduces the high frequency vibrations that lead to hand-arm numbness and fatigue, or Arm-pump. At the same time Vibrocore reinforces the structure of the bar internally, increasing ultimate strength, fatigue life, and stiffness, meaning stronger, safer, longer lasting bars with enhanced performance characteristics. By reducing the vibrational energy that transmitted through your SPANK SPIKE 800 Vibrocore handlebars to your hands, the rider is left with bar that feels incredibly strong and rigid, while also reducing vibrational fatigue and discomfort. Developed with World Cup DH UR Team racers, Mick and Tracey Hannah, the SPANK SPIKE 800 Vibrocore bars have been shown to also improve the rider's sensitivity and tactile response, by eliminating the "white noise" vibrations that dull senses. Injected into Industries handlebars, Vibrocore reduces the harmful vibrations which can lead to hand-arm numbness and fatigue (HAVS), as well as arm-pump (CECS), while also increasing overall bar stiffness and fatigue life. The complex core increases inner wall strength resulting in increased fatigue life and a stiffer feeling bar without compromising weight since it allows us to produce our bars with a thinner wall. SPANK aimed to move the handlebar’s natural resonant frequency into higher ranges, rather than battle amplitude. The reason for this is twofold. Higher frequencies are less common in cycling and are less harmful to the human body. Vibrocore is how we achieved this, effectively "taking the Buzz out of the Bar".。

Spank Spike 800 Vibrocore Bicycle Handlebar

Spank Spike 800 Vibrocore Bicycle Handlebar
Spank Spike 800 Vibrocore Bicycle Handlebar

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Spank Spike 800 Vibrocore Bicycle Handlebar

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Spank Spike 800 Vibrocore Bicycle Handlebar

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Spank Spike 800 Vibrocore Bicycle Handlebar

Spank Spike 800 Vibrocore Bicycle Handlebar
: Spank Spike 800 Vibrocore Bicycle Handlebar.